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Welcome to the Official Website of the State Protection and Guard Service!

Dear visitor,

On our new webpage you are invited to follow our activity, the most important events, the legal framework in the field, both the existing and the draft legislative acts in the process of elaboration, to which you can come up with your suggestions and useful proposals.

Society's expectations towards public institutions forces us to review our activities, including the communication format, by extension the dialogue programs and creating the atmosphere of trust between the Service and the public.

We would like thispage to be a place where to present coherent and persuasive information about our missions and the most important decisions to discuss them constructively together.

Thus, thisplatform will constitute an important step in the constant effort of transparency of the institution without thereby jeopardizing the smooth running of daily activities.

By launching this site, we will work towards ensuring proactiv communication through timely and clear information of civil society with regard to the activities and policies in the field of protection and security - since the protection of life and integrity of state dignitaries represents, in fact, the protection of national security!

Thank you!