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Recommendations for the citizens   

In order to avoid any inconveniences in the process of performing its activities, the State Protection and Guard Service recommends the population to comply with the following requirements:

  • to use the rounding ways for entry/exit in/from the area of legal protective measures of state officials and foreign dignitaries during their stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
  • to use the rounding ways for the transit vehicles to avoid blocking of the official delegations’ escort;
  • to use of the urban means of transport when possible;
  • to comply with the signals of the road traffic agents accompanyingthe official motorcades;
  • the pedestrians shall not cross the road during the moving of official motorcades;
  • to avoid, wherever possible, the restricted areas.

Other recommendations for the citizens will be placed on the site previous to activities which are to be held in the capital and in the country.

In conformity with the legislation in force, the State Protection and Guard Service develops in preliminary the simulation of activities which are to be carried out together with a range of security measures. In this respect, the road traffic police has the following obligations: to accompany the official motorcades as well as their driving on the established band; to ensure the fluency of traffic on the main roads; to prohibit the parking of vehicles on the roadways and sidewalks nearby the main headquarters – Presidency, Parliament and Government.